• Manisha Thakur

What independence means after being locked down for months now!!!

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Once upon a time (4-5 months ago) when outings with friends were normal, we were in a four wheeler and were fined by some police officer for breaking some sort of rule that we didn’t even understand. The other day I was walking down the road with my friends watching the cars go by and thinking “Thank god! We can’t be fined while walking like these four wheeler and two wheeler people”. Bam! 4 months later, people are being fined while walking. Although it’s only when you’re not wearing a mask, but still one more rule people!

In Pre - Covid times, we didn’t pay much heed how fortunate we were for being able to go to the movies with our friends, eating out with them or simply being able to see each other every day. But now that we acknowledge this fact, our social media is filled with #throwbacks.

Well as the times change we are becoming grateful for smaller things in life. Like the times when we could sit together in a canteen, or we could choose what we wanted to do. Basically the word “together” is missing from our lives now. The lockdown has made us realize the value of having a company. It made us value the people in our lives more than ever, whether friends or family. But above all, it made us enjoy our own company. 2020 is going to be the standard year to decide whether your other years are actually going worse or not.

As on this Independence Day nothing will be like last year or any of the earlier years. The way we used to spend our Independence Day is changed for us this year. Although we had to stand in the scorching sun while waiting for that “one laddu” but it was all worth it. And this is what we have been accustomed to since the day we went to school and till the day we left the college. But our “not so beloved” Covid-19 stole this also from us.

Right now, some of us are still at home and some are living a life where you can’t even trace the fear of this pandemic. Whatever is happening has made me realize one thing that we humans are unintelligible. I’ll tell you why !! I saw a lot of memes before lockdown about “Monday Blues”, people hating Mondays, people hating office, all they wanted was “WORK FROM HOME” and that’s all. But when people actually were made to stay home, they were like “Yes, we were asking for it but not in this amount”.

The conclusion I made after seeing this is that the amount of love we have for our “Freedom to Choose” is immense. We yearn for a life where we can make our own decisions, just like in movies “living life on your own terms”. We do not want someone else to tell us when we can stay at home and when we can leave. Basically we are a complex creature and we can’t compromise our freedom at all. Although we’ll be celebrating Independence Day on 15th august but real freedom will be when we’ll have a normal life just like old times where there will be one less rule and sneezing in public will not turn heads.

- Manisha

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