• Dipika Pawar

Traditional Indian cuisine for better life

My food journey began at a very young age. I used to make chapatis early in the morning for my younger sister’s school tiffin and I remember that I tried my best to get that perfect round chapati. Whenever I told somebody that I knew how to make chapati, their reaction was “ which country’s shape you make” with those chapatis and they would laugh. I was totally confused about why these people are laughing at me because i really used to make great chapati. Years later I came to know that none of my friends were really able to make round chapati, actually none can do that at an age of around 10 to 11 years. But I did, and that feeling boosted my interest in cooking and food. My father was my inspiration for cooking and my mother was the person who taught me the importance of minor details in cooking. She refused to have a cup of tea if the color of tea was not proper. She really did that, even today as well.

As years pass, time changes everything around us. Last two decades were the decades of innovation and visualization. The way of earning money changed and so did people’s lifestyle. Now we want to save more time to do extra work. This mentality affects our life so hard that when we come to realize it, it’s already too late for us and eventually people have to lose their life because of it. The thing i am talking about is the changing Food habits. I spend most of the time of the year in metro cities and have observed tremendous food variations in the last decade. People are preferring western and shiny food dishes over our traditional thalis. But nothing can satisfy me as much as our own staple dishes.

India is known for its culture, colors and diversity but there's something which defines us more aptly is our Spicy Cuisine. Indians love spices and are known for it. We use all kinds of spices in our daily dining in one way or other. Nobody can truly justify Indian Cuisine without Spices. It's the soul of Indian cuisine. But the current scenario of lifestyle subconsciously affects our daily habits. People are choosing packaged, instant and outside street food. Adapting western food culture only just because it's easily available, time saving, looks good and for so called social status. But such time saving syndrome actually kills people slowly from inside. According to the study published in ‘The lancet’ in 2004, researchers found that eating fast food more than twice a week is linked to significantly more weight gain and 5.2 percent greater risk of obesity. Fast food doubles your chances of developing insulin resistance and increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. ‘ European Journal of Epidemiology’ says that, for each 10 percent increase in fast food restaurants in a region, people are two times more likely to die from cardiovascular conditions.

Thus No fast food, only organic and freshly cooked food is an option left to lead a healthier life.

Nowadays people are getting more aware about their health and immunity. Importance of having an organic diet is recognized. It feels like history is repeating itself. I think going back to our kitchens, blowing the flame and cooking something fresh for a healthy living is the new trend people are going to follow in the near future.

- Dipika Pawar

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