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Tour De Pondicherry- Unfolding the French Capital in India

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself” – Danny Kaye.

Have you ever wondered what is so special about Travelling? Well, most of us travel to have fun, escape from the boring day to day life, we meet new people, explore new places and so on. But what makes it so special according to me is that travelling allows you to connect with your inner self, you are allowed to be you, you don’t pretend to be someone else.

“World is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page” – Saint Augustine.

So to read a new page of the book ‘India’, I recently went to a beautiful place on the south-east coast of our country, Pondicherry.

Pondicherry or Pudducherry popularly called as Pondi is an Union Territory situated almost 170 km away from Chennai. It was a French colonial settlement in India until 1954. Pondi is known for its serene beaches, cafes, French culture preserved in the colorful walls, temples, unique experimental village, south Indian seafood and many such things.


Among many beaches pondi has, there are roughly 5-6 beaches most commonly visited by the tourists.

Promenade/Rock Beach -

Seashore covered with rocks thus the name Rock beach. Gandhi Statue and French war Memorial standing along the beach adding essence of the history. Its your first day in here, wake up early and go to the rock beach. You will see a beautiful sunrise with the music of the waves in the background and later take a walk along the street, maybe have a breakfast in one of the French cafes you’ll see on one side or you can find plenty of south Indian food shops in the market nearby which serve authentic south indian breakfast. This will be the great start for your trip.

Auroville Beach -

Long stretched beach but very less populated maybe because of the first vibe that this beach gives, not so clean. But if you walk away from the main spot there are plenty of places to click amazing pictures just like I did. So, maybe don’t trust the first vibe. If you’ve come this long why don’t explore and find out what’s hidden.

Serenity Beach -

The best time to go is in the evening to watch the sunset. I was very much excited to watch the sun setting on the opposite side of the Ocean. It’s normal for an average person but for me being used to watch sunsets of the western coast, it was kinda new thing. The place gets crowded in the evening and you could enjoy water sports or sit and relax watching few guys surfing. Also you can chill in one of the cafes, restaurants or Bars alongside the beach.

Apart from this there is Paradise beach which i didn’t go to but it’s one of the must visit beaches in here.

Auroville village

Auroville is an experimental village of self governance in collaboration with Central Govt. The idea is to establish an Universal Village wherein people from all over the world with different religions, castes, languages live in peace and harmony. To become member you have to spend initial time here in the village. Upon successfully completing the initial period and based on the feedback, you will be given the citizenship. There are roughly 3000 villagers from 58 nations currently in Auroville. The main attraction for the tourists here is Matrimandir which is a place for meditation and you have to book your place one day prior in person.

French Colony

The one thing I was most excited about to do in Pondicherry was to visit French Colony and it was worth it. French town is full of French Architecture; buildings painted with all sorts of bright colors with white outlines. The town looks so alive and happening and is a paradise for photography enthusiasts. Make sure to go in the morning so that you can get enough time with the walls otherwise the place gets crowded afterwards and you will have to wait in queue to get the pictures. Also you can check the cafes in here as they are very much famous for the food.

Not all the walls divide people…


It will be a mistake if you don’t try the seafood which the city is famous for. A fish plate with fried fish, curry, rice rassam and Payasam for dessert is must try thing. Also, you can get the authentic south Indian breakfast here. I had the best Medu vada, well the second best; the first best will always be the one that I had in the school Hostel’s mess, which is another story to tell.

So, This is everything I could gather about the place and there are much more things to know. There’s Aurobindo Ashram, few temples, Paradise beach which I did miss. Also, on the way back to chennai there’s the famous Mahabalipuram which you can visit.

Pondicherry was very much refreshing. I got to try my photography skills a little, I really did connect with my inner self, got to know myself better and that is why you should travel.

So pack your bags, go to the places where you always wanted to and tell your stories to yourself and to the world.

You can always write to Ocean of Thoughts about your travel diaries. We Will see you with another travel story. Till then,

Happy Traveling……..

~Sun of a Beach


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