• Vinay Dhawale

Seed Terrorism :- Is China trying to control Biodiversity???

Farmers of USA, Britain and Canada received suspicious seeds through e-commerce from China. International Seed Testing Agency puts India on high alert over Seed terrorism.

Australia based investigation journalist Anthony Klan in his recent article stated that the infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology had signed Covert deal with Pakistan military's Defence Science and Technology organization to expand potential toward bio-warfare capability. India has not found any suspicious entry of foreign seed, but National Seed Association of India has asked the government to have an adequate plan to deal with Seed Terrorism.

China's recent huge investment in worldwide agricultural companies is a reason to worry about. With such a heavy investment, china is trying to buy worldwide agricultural interest. Chinese and other international companies have detailed study of Indian germplasm and genetic resources in India. China is studying Indian germplasm and seeds for the last 20-25 years and taking a hybrid parent line back to China. Indian germplasm is being exported without any hindrance and we can't set seed company in China but Chinese companies can do so. Our biodiversity is fragile and could be overturned with such seed contamination. Such seed terrorism could create a threat to food security. With much-advanced biotechnology, China has the capacity to destroy Indian food production and Bio-Diversity.

India as Agro- Biodiversity.

Agrobiodiversity is the result of the interaction between the environment, genetic resources and management systems and practices used by culturally diverse people.

Foreign Contamination and a threat to the Bio-diversity

With the import of wheat from the US in the 60s under PL 480, Parthenium seed came to India and since then is threatening the productivity of Indian agricultural production. L. Camera from Sri Lankan weed species are destroying local vegetation and local ecosystem. Such a foreign Contamination may cause newer diseases and pest in crops and animals may endanger the Bio-diversity

India an easy Target:-

India witnessed the illegal selling if HT BT cotton and Bt brinjal. Lack of regulations, seed testing facility in States, easy smuggling across the border is the issue need to tackle to control the foreign seed entry.

Once, Henry Kissinger said if you want to control a country, control its food. In such a suspicious environment and geopolitical stress, we need to be very careful.

- Vinay Dhawale

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