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Nahargarh - where magic can happen

Destination. Journey. Companion.

This one is to the Pink City and the one spot that everyone I know loves. I’ve been in Jaipur for the past one year. And travelling in and around the city, I slowly fell in love with its mosaic-esque charm. The city is both old and new, modern and traditional, and in a strange oxymoron, both drab and bright. Go ahead and laugh, but that is the way I’ve always seen it.

Of all the things that make up the charm that’s Jaipur, there’s one spot that’ll always hold a special place for me. Nahargarh Fort. And I’m not the only one who loves it. Ask anyone who has been to the fort, and they’ll all tell you the same thing. That there’s no better place to view Jaipur from. And truly, Jaipur from the top of Nahargarh fort is simply spectacular.

But it wasn’t the view that made it unforgettable for me. Or rather it wasn’t just the view. Someone once said to me, “The journey is more important than the destination,” and I answered, “It’s the companion that makes the difference.”


So as we slowly rode to the top of the hill on which the fort sits, it kept getting better and better. The view of Jaipur changed, improved, as I looked at it from many different angles on that narrow winding road – which did get a little scary at some points. I saw the wall of Amer Fort snaking along the hill on the opposite side and it made me realize just how long those places had stood there for, how much those stones and walls had seen. And finally Nahargarh with its yellow walls and cobblestoned pathways lined with fairy lights.

All of this did a good enough job of transporting me to a whole different place inside my head. And this was in January, so that happy place was kind of chilly. Then came the city lights. Cherry on top of the cake, fireworks from three different spots. So, it’s cold and windy, we’re looking at the city of Jaipur spread out beneath us, which at that time of night looks like a million teeming stars, and fireworks. And there’s music playing somewhere close by. We’re singing along to some slow beautiful Hindi tune which I don’t remember now, but it made that evening magical – even though I can’t sing to save my life.

Magical – there’s no better word for it. More than magical was sharing that experience, the lights, the wind, the music, even my tone-deaf singing, all of it. Sharing it and loving that fact that I had someone there to share it with. So yes, I agree. It is more than the destination. It’s more than the journey. It is all the things a place makes you feel, and the one companion to share it with.

All the things I felt, the whole experience, was too many things happening at once, yet somehow too little. I found myself being content, and also hoping it could be more. Wanting to move forward, while wishing for time to stop. And that oxymoron, in a nutshell, is Nahargarh, and the city I love.

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