• Suraj Kadam

International Youth Day -Exploring the footprints of Youths of Indian History!!!

Today, 12th august is celebrated as an International Youth Day all over the world. Youths have an energetic young mind, strong willpower which can turn world upside down. India has a very vast known history right from the period of the Indus valley civilization to the modern period post Indian freedom movement. Indian youths have proven their worth from time to time throughout this amazing history. We will be remembering those young bloods who contributed to the world, made India proud and give us all inspiration in building a strong Nation ahead.

Going back in the 5th – 4th century BCE, there was this philosopher, meditator, teacher and a revolutionary leader who taught world peace and way of living life with the help of his Ashtang Margas (eight paths) and Arya Satya (Arya truths). His name was Siddharth Gautama who later became Buddha (The one who is awake). Siddhartha was born in a royal family. Despite all the prestige that he had he used to get upset upon human sufferings and left home at the age of 29 to find an answer to Sorrow and attained enlightenment at 35. Later on, he kept on passing his message to his followers and became ultimate guide of the world. The same period has witnessed few other youths like Samrat Ashoka who almost ruled the entire Indian subcontinent with peace (of course after the battle of Kalinga) and Vardhaman Mahavir who left his home at 30 in the pursuit of awakening and later became the founder of Jain religion.

Next comes the pre-British period. The first person that comes into my mind is the great king Shivaji Maharaj who at a very young age fought against Mughals, Britishers and other different enemies to form the Swarajya (the ideal kingdom of own). He conquered his first fort 'Torana' at the age of 16 with few of his friends and laid the foundation of Swarajya. He is known for his kindness to his people, respect to the women, Ganimi Kawa (a warfare technique), and the foundation that he led towards the modern Indian Navy.

The British period has seen more revolutionary persons than the other periods but the one that inspires us all is Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh was sentenced to the death at the very young age of 23 for the attacks against the British which were not meant to harm anyone but to awaken the people against the British rule. Another youth that made his mark around the same time is Swami Vivekananda. He is well known for his intellectual and command over speech. He made India proud with his speech that he delivered at the Parliament of Religions in Chicago.

India got freedom from British rule in 1947, which marks the beginning of the Modern Indian Period. India has emerged as an independent country making progress in every field. The one field where India has made its mark is Space Research. Long before ISRO achieved excellence in Space Research, few people made India proud then. One of them was Kalpana Chawala. She became first Indian origin women to go into the space. She went on two missions as an Astronaut of NASA both time on the space shuttle Columbia. Unfortunately, she died while coming back from the second mission but became a role model not only for Indian youth but for also youth around the world.

So, these were just few of them who made their impression over the world at a very young age. There are so many others whose lives will inspire us all the youth of India from time and again and will help us during the tough times of pandemic, economic decline and maintain our core values to build a progressive democratic nation of India.

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