About Us

Dear Creators

Often we  think Am I good enough at this? Is everybody better than me? Would people even want to read what I write?

Well guess what! You are no different. Every person who tried to pursue something which is not mainstream has come across these doubts. Well the Winner has always been the one who ignored the doubts and just went with his impulse.  And That’s what Ocean of Thoughts represents.

A platform for people like you who have potential skills which the world deserves to witness. We are also one of you and are here to compel you to go with your impulse.

So Write that story, Scribble that poem, Capture that moment.

Perfection is not what we want passion is what we are looking for. Let’s begin this journey together and we will create perfection along the way.

To our fellow beloved


It must have been a long time that you read something which compelled you to think. It must have been ages that you saw something so eye capturing that you thought of just packing and going to that place.

If you are also someone who has hunger for creativity like us then you have landed on the most apt page. Because we are here for you.


We are here to share with you our life, our experiences and show people’s creative side so as to keep you entertained and updated as well.


So here is a chance to become a part of our journey and who knows may be you’ll meet your own creative side while on this journey.

Meet The Team


Ritesh Nage

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Manisha Thakur

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Suraj Kadam

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